About us

We met at an IREB working group. Since then we cooperate on the topic „Agile Requirements Engineering“ which is very close to our hearts.

Dr. Peter Hruschka

Since more than 40 years Peter travels as missionary for „good“ system & software engineering. He is a principal of the Atlantic Systems Guild, Fellow of Agile Experts, co-founder of the ARC42 (the portal for software architects), founding member of the IREB (International Requirements Engineering Board), as well as trainer consultant, speaker and author of many books, articles and co-author of two IREB scripts (Advanced Level Requirements Modeling, Advanced Level „RE@Agile“).

Markus Meuten

CEO of Agile Experts, Product Owner of the IREB Project „RE@Agile“ and coauthor of the curriculums for the RE@Agile Primer, as well as the Advanced Level „RE@Agile“. Together with his agile experts he travels since many year to help organizations to master the agile transition. As visiting lecturer he also teaches agile methods at the university of Hannover.

Dirk Fritsch

is certified and experienced Scrum Master, Product Owner as well as Requirements/Demand Specialist.
He has been trained by Jeff Sutherland, inventor of Scrum and the Atlantic Systems Guild in the area of requirements engineering. Now Dirk passes on his knowledge in trainings and workshop based on deep domain and practical experience. In IT and non-IT projects he especially coaches product owners in their concrete daily work as one of currently only 250 certified product owners with  PSPO certificate from Scrum.org.

The Agile Duo

In public seminars we operate as agile duo. Two Trainer withs different background and different domain knowledge are availalbe all the time for you. Manifold and different project experience  Die zahlreichen, unterschiedlichen Projekterfahrungen des Duos erlauben es Ihnen, sich selbst eine Meinung zu allen Themen des Workshops zu bilden.