Impulse Coaching

Individual Support for Your Projects

Spend Days – Save Years

Just let one of us join your team for 1 – 3 days and get an impulse that might save you many year of trial and error. We don’t catch fish for you. We teach you how to fish!

Impulse Coaching aims at teaching and demonstrating to you proven approaches and pragmatic methods for your individual „trouble areas“ in a very short time. These techniques will enable you to solve your challenges yourself – inside your organization.  No frontal training, but everything from half-day impulse-talks up to three days of „training on the job“  where we tackle your challenges together with you and your team.

Here are some examples from A to Z for typcial questions and challenges that might bother you at the moment:


How can agility help your organization and which advantages can you get with agility?
Which of the many agile methods is the right one for you and why?
Your time between user request or customer requirements until delivery is too long. How can you get quicker results?
You are drowning in documentation, that nobody reads. How can you become more pragmatic without losing important information?
How do you install roles like Product Owner and Scrum Master successfully?

Business Analysis

Your business processes are too complex. How can you make your processes more agile and light-weight without losing control?
Your business folks and IT teams are not cooperating or not cooperating effectively. How can you use agile methods to improve this important cooperation between different departments or groups?


Your teams want to abolish documentation since they now develop agile. Is that OK?
How can we effectively document if we are using agile methods?


You want to control and monitor the progress of your product development based on your requirements. How does that work?
Which metrics are useful in an agile organization and how do they work?

Requirements Engineering

You have written detailed requirements specifications and want to know how you can implement that in an agile way.

You want to respond to a call for tender or issue one, but the development should be done agile. How can you successfully achieve that?
Product Backlog Management and Refinement as guarantors for project success – how does that work?
You have successful requirements engineers and managers. Are they redundant if you switch to agile processes – or how can you re-train or re-orient them?

Risk Management

Your projects always get into difficulties and troubles. How can you best manage such risks?
How does risk management work in agile projects and development efforts? And how can you scale that?


Which tools can you use for agile requirements engineering and agile product development? And which one of these is the right one for you?
Your documentation still creates a lot of work despite working agile. How can you become more pragmatic and more effective?
You are already using JIRA or Confluence? How can you tailor that to your needs?

Visions and Goals

How can visions and goals help to form the right teams and nurture them?
How do you successfully define product goals and use them to derive a roadmap for development as well as detailed requirements?

If you cannot articulate your challenges clearly maybe our „physical exam“ can help. Similar to a doctor quickly checking your health status we check the health status of your system & software development process. Based on the dual control principle we spend to days with you to diagnose those areas where you can most easily and effectively improve your practices. If you want to learn more about this „physical exam“ contact us by sending an email. We will be happy to discuss details, costs & benefits with you.

Target Audience:

All members of IT-departments and business units, that have to deal with IT projects, e.g. business experts, business analysts, requirements engineers, software architects, product owners, Scrum teams, persons responsible for introducing agile methods, process optimizers, quality assurance, project managers, portfolio managers.

Why should you consider impulse coaching and consulting?

Dr. Peter Hruschka and Markus Meuten will help you to get the ball rolling. Based on their decade-long, world-wide experience  with development Approaches, tools, process improvement programs and standardization we will find an ideal approach to solve your challenges and optimize your processes. All our suggestions are industry-proven, pragmatic and achievable in a short timeframe. Training on the Job and invididual Impulse Coaching is much more cost effective and success-oriented compared to standard seminars and consulting over many months.
Try it! Only 1 – 3 day that will pay off quickly.

The Next Step

Collect challenges in your organization. A short brainstorming with different stakeholders of the software & system development process – and you will be able to formulate your wishes. Forward these results to us either via telefone   (+49 172 241 1656) – or better via e-mail – and we will provide specific suggestions and offers for impulse coaching.