Spend Days – Save Years

Spend 1 - 3 days with one of us and save yourself years!

Impulse coaching ensures that you learn approaches for your individual challenges in a short time, enabling you to solve the challenge yourself - in-house. No frontal training, but everything from a half-day impulse lecture to a three-day ‘training on the job’, where we solve a concrete challenge together with you.

Here are some examples, from A to Z, of typical issues and challenges that may be on your mind right now:


  • How can agile help your organization and what benefits can you gain from it?
  • Which of the many agile approaches is right for you and why?
  • Your time between user or customer requests and delivery is too long. How can you deliver usable results more quickly?
  • You are drowning in documentation that no one reads. How can you become more pragmatic without losing important information?
  • How do you fill roles like product owner and scrum master promisingly?

Business Analysis

  • Your business processes are too complex. How can you make the processes more agile and lightweight without losing control?
  • Business departments and IT departments do not cooperate or do not cooperate effectively. How can cooperation be improved with means proven in agile?


  • Your teams want to do away with documentation because agile is being developed - is that right?
  • What are the successful practices in agile development regarding documentation?


  • You want to be able to recognize the degree of completion of your products based on the requirements - how does that work?
  • What meaningful possibilities of measurement are there in agile development at all and how does it work?


  • You have a requirement or functional specification and want to know how to develop agile with it.
  • You participate in a tender or want to start a tender, but the development should be agile - how can you do it successfully?
  • Product Backlog Management and Refinement as guarantors for project success - how does it work?
  • You have experienced requirements engineers and managers - are they superfluous in agile development or how can they be used profitably?

Risk Management

  • Your projects keep running into difficulties. How can you best manage risks?
  • How does risk management work in agile projects and development and how do you scale it?


  • What tools are there for agile development and agile requirements engineering and which is the right one?
  • Documenting makes too much effort despite tools. How can you become more pragmatic and effective?
  • Are you already using JIRA or Confluence? How can you tailor it?

Goals and visions

  • How can goals and visions help to build and promote the right teams?
  • How to successfully create product goals and how to derive roadmaps and requirements from them?

If you can’t articulate your challenges clearly enough yet, then an investigation into the ‘State of the Nation’ will help. According to the four-eyes-principle we examine the software development in your company in two days and point out the places where you can become more successful the fastest. More as a download.

Target group:

All employees in IT and business departments involved in IT projects, e.g. business experts, business analysts, requirements engineers, software architects, product owners, SCRUM teams, those responsible for the introduction of agile methods, process improvers, quality assurers, project managers, portfolio managers.

Why should you consider impulse coaching and consulting?

Dr. Peter Hruschka and Markus Meuten help you get the ball rolling. Thanks to their decades of worldwide experience with development methods and tools, process improvement programs and standardization, together we will find an ideal approach to problem solving or process optimization for you in a short time. All suggestions are industry-proven, pragmatic and can be implemented in a short time for project teams. Training on the job and invidual impulse coaching is much cheaper and more effective than standard seminars and months of consulting. Try it! Only 1 - 3 days, which pay off quickly.

The next step

Collect the challenges in your company. A short brainstorming session with various representatives of software and system development - and you will be able to better formulate your wishes. Communicate these findings by phone (+49 172 241 1656) - or better by email - and we will submit concrete proposals and offers for impulse coaching.

Do you need an impulse?

You name your topic. We give you the impulse. Very briefly and painlessly.