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Mastering Agile Requirements

Our flagship-workshop!
Learn how to specify just-in-time requirements in agile projects and create maximum business value in short timeframes. In 3 days!

Taught by speakers with decades of experience in requirements analysis and agile.

Learn how to not only build and maintain the product backlog, but what else is needed to successfully develop systems and products.

Starting with explicit goal setting and stakeholder analysis, through sensible handling of quality requirements and constraints, to development planning (roadmapping, effort estimates) and risk management.

Everything you need as a product manager or product owner to enable your development teams to create product versions iteratively and evolutionarily and deliver value early.

We have planned plenty of room to do many exercises, to address your personal questions and challenges, and to provide you with numerous pragmatic and practical tips for using agile requirements methods in your environment.

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Requirements Basics

a compact refresher on analysis skills - ideal for preparing for the IREB Foundation Level exam (CPRE certificate), which is a prerequisite for all Advanced Level certificates.

Learn the small 1 * 1 of requirements engineering and earn the title of “Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering” through the multiple choice exam.

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RE@AGILE (IREB Advanced Level)

In three days we will show you how requirements can be mastered in the agile world.

The IREB Advanced Level curriculum, which we initiated and played a major role in shaping, covers all areas of modern requirements engineering. You will learn how extensive communication and cooperation can significantly reduce the effort required to find and specify requirements - and quickly help you achieve product success.

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