This workshop covers the full scope of IREB’s Foundation Level curriculum in a compact format.

Regardless of your process models (classic, iterative, or agile), you will learn to elicit requirements, document and communicate them in different ways, and review and manage them.

After this refresher, you will be able to take the CPRE-F (Certified Professional for Requirements-Engineering - Foundation Level) exam, which can be taken directly at the end of the workshop

Learn the 1 * 1 of requirements engineering

Learn in a compact form what makes up the work of the role “Requirements Engineers”. Learn the most important guarantors for successful analysis work in projects. Everything you should know as a requirements engineer or business analyst.


  • Introduction to Requirements Engineering (What? Why? How?)
  • Tasks of the role “Requirements Engineer
  • Procedure and RE artifacts
    • Natural language requirements and glossaries
    • Template based products
    • Requirements models
    • Prototypes
    • Document structure and quality criteria
  • Requirements Practices:
    • Sources of requirements
    • Elicitation techniques (different ways of eliciting requirements.
    • Conflict resolution and requirements validation
    • Change management and version control
    • Prioritization
    • Traceability
  • Tool support

Includes detailed training and exercise materials.

Target Audience:

  • Requirements Engineers
  • Business Analysts
  • Product Owners
  • Quality Managers
  • … and everyone who currently suffers from bad or missing requirements. 🙂


  • None.
  • We recommend this power course to qualify you for the CPRE-F exam. This certificate is a prerequisite for all IREB advanced level exams.
  • Caution: This course alone is NOT suitable to become a good Requirements Engineer or Business Analyst without prior knowledge. However, it is ideal in combination with our Advanced Course “Mastering Agile Requirements”. (Ask us for our combination offers).

As an alternative to this workshop, also use the book “Business Analysis and Requirements Engineering” by Dr. Peter Hruschka (Hanser-Publishers) or his 13-hour video training.